Josh Winant- Psychic Medium
Josh Winant- Psychic Medium

About me and my services

Josh is a Psychic Medium with over 10 years of tarot card reading experience. His spiritual journey began when he discovered earth based religions. Initially, he used the tarot as a way to connect and communicate with the surrounding energies. Astonished by his findings, the tarot became a bridge into mysticism. Learning the pathways of this intricate system has added depth to each reading.
    As Josh developed his psychic talents, he found a passion for energy healing. He was fascinated with how well tarot readings and Reiki complimented each other in mending the spirit. It was in these early stages of Josh’s Reiki training that he noticed his abilities as a Spirit Medium and allowed them to unfold organically while focussing on becoming a Reiki Master.
    Josh is also a practitioner of core shamanism. He has found the energy work related to this wonderful craft not only compliments his readings and Reiki, but connects all three together to aid in the restoration of one’s personal power.
    in 2010 Josh became an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Healer by the S.H.E.S. organization. This opened up new avenues not only for his psychic readings and healing, but as an educator as well. He has taught many classes from tarot and candle magic to psychic development. He truly has a hunger for knowledge and understanding to the greater mysteries of our known and unknown worlds.
    You can expect nothing less than honesty when receiving any of Josh’s services. He is candid and direct. His mission is to provide a sincere message for the highest good.  


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